I must preach the kingddome of God to other cities also: for therefore am i sent.

-Luke 4:43 (KJV)

Business Women Inspirational Network is a membership community dedicated to focusing on cultivating the winner in you. We are a professional, social, and spiritual platform committed to supporting your business, personal and spiritual growth.

​Kingdom United’s mission is to empower leaders worldwide by emphasizing the building and maintaining of relationships through the five-fold ministry gifts; sharing wisdom, knowledge and understanding; and providing opportunities for practical hands on training in leadership and spiritual development.

Kingdom United School of Development (KUSOD) offers an *Associate of Arts in Ministry Degree upon completion of applicable courses and practicums. KUSOD utilizes the School of Development (SOD) curriculum that enables students to move forward in their ministry through “Measured Growth for Progression.” SOD curriculum has three core levels of Spiritual Development as well as practicum/internship requirements, and ministry/mission engagements as applicable.

​Life Focus Ministries is a Mentoring and Developing Ministry committed to maturing and establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Wisdom Connectors International, LLC (WCI) is about connecting the dots, putting the pieces together, and helping you to understand the correlation of your life’s events through the application of Godly wisdom.