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Mary Pitts is gifted with a life story that serves as a foundation upon which transformations are made.

Mary Pitts is gifted with a life story that serves as a foundation upon which transformations are made.
At a young age, she was diagnosed with a bone defect in both knees, preventing her from walking. As a result, she had to have multiple surgeries and required a total knee replacement on both knees as she got older.

The incessant bullying by her peers would ultimately force her to sink into a sea of despair, as she often separated herself from the crowd.

Mary’s childhood ordeals could have crushed her dreams of becoming a successful businesswoman as she developed a lack of confidence and self- worth. But she brilliantly shares with her audiences through poignant keynote presentations, the turning point for becoming the upbeat, excited, and dynamic international speaker and entrepreneur she is today.

Always working to make a difference in the lives of others, her travels have carried her to all parts of the United States, the Caribbean, Africa, and beyond. With standing room only events, she speaks to corporate organizations, women’s groups, and people of faith, offering messages of hope, encouragement, and a new vision for the future.

Mary has more than twenty-five years’ experience in the hospitality industry and is an expert in the professional arena of group travel and special occasions. As a conference host, some of her most popular events include: Women with an Assignment Leadership Conference, The Executive Room, The Presence of a Father, Marriage and Ministry, Single and Living the Life.

Through the pages of Mary’s best-selling book, Crippled, but not for Life! Finding My Identity, she demonstrates how to overcome thoughts of the past by embracing a life in Christ and living abundantly. Her book can be purchased directly at www.MaryPittsLive.com.

Mary is also the Founder & CEO of Business Women Inspirational Network, Inc. (BWIN) at https://www.bwininc.com, a Central Florida based non-profit organization designed to connect, inspire, motivate, and educate women. “BWIN creates an environment for women to succeed,” states Mary. “We’re not about competition but collaboration. In order to reach ultimate success, it’s vital that we learn how to work together, which is the true essence of building genuine relationships. We’re a thriving global network of women building each other up from the inside out!” Winning from within!

Born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, Mary resides in the beautiful Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina area with her husband of more than 30 years. The two of them are the co-founders of Life Focus Ministries, a thriving congregation in Orlando, Florida.

Together, they have raised six amazing children and get a joy out of playing with their seven beautiful grandchildren.

Mary may be booked for speaking engagements by clicking the link below. She may also be reached at 864.572.8866.

Social media engagement with Mary may be made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube @MaryPittsLive.

Crippled but Not for Life! Finding My Identity $8.99

Have you ever looked forward to something, and it didn’t turn out the way you thought or planned? As a result, you made permanent decisions based on temporary situations and circumstances. The pain, misery and disappointment of the past began to shape and define who you are. This is precisely my story.

Crippled, but not for Life! Finding My Identity will show you how to overcome the thoughts of the past, embrace who you are in Christ and live the abundant life God intended. 

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